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Hello And Welcome!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

First things first, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Danny and I am a York based wood floor restorer & run 5 star rated Sandhouse Floor Sanding.

Us wood floor guys get many titles, we are known as floor sanders, floor refinishers or floor restorers. Ultimately the title is irrelevant. The main thing is theres nothing I enjoy more than running a successful York based floor business, covering North Yorkshire that turns tatty old floors into a work of art!

"So.... whats on the agenda?"

I hear you ask! well as first blog posts go, this is just a general hello. But now the formalities are out of the way, heres whats going to be coming up on this York floor sanding blog for 2020:

Should I hire a floor sanding machine? Or Hire a Floor Sander?

I use a popular national hire shops equipment and give you my honest opinion on whether its worth attempting to sand your own floors, or worth getting somebody like ourselves at Sandhouse Floor Sanding to do it professionally, including all the fun and games in between. Spoiler alert.... its not worth it.

Maintenance of all wooden floors.

Keep your wood floors looking in tip top condition, even for a life time, with a few simple do's and do not do's.

Considering a hardwood floor?

I'll explain the difference between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floor. What to look out for when buying, and making sure you don't get stung by the seller. Then theres finding the right guys to install it (it's not always a joiner).

Hardwax oil or Lacquer.... what I have on MY own wooden floors.

If its good enough for the pro, its good enough for clients!

All this and more to come including video blogs, FAQ and of course, more ramblings for a York floor sander.


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