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Floor Refinishing Services

We Sand, Restore, Repair and Refinish Any Wooden Floor! In the unlikely event a floor cannot be refinished with fantastic results, we will always advise professionally and honestly.

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After the floor has been professionally sanded to our über high standards, its time to really bring it to life! With a plethora of different options available - 'safe' or 'snazzy', we do our utmost to listen to clients needs and vision.


We take into consideration a multitude of factors and understand every client and every floor is unique. We take time to listen to clients needs and discuss the environment that the floor will be sitting in, making sure the client has every confidence and understands the process. We have a full spectrum of different samples that we can put down, so clients can have the absolute confidence they are getting their choice, for their floor.

We can carry out minor repairs, and use reclaimed flooring to blend the timbers in together. If the floor is beyond repair, or if it isn't financially viable to sand and refinish it, we will advise honestly and professionally.

Above are examples of our work, along with the different types of 'finishes'. The 'finish' is the method we use to achieve the clients vision, ensuring its both stunning and functional for their day to day lives. 

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